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GC- Let’s join the Nightmare by Honey-G-HoniG


This is the most important achievement I’ve ever got in this game thus far.

This is actually a random excuse to draw Grandark having a nosebleed and Zero with cat ears. Still very important.


Não é yaoi, mas como o assunto do momento é o personagem novo, eu resolvi tentar desenhar ele também. E estão sempre desenhando ele cheio de sangue e tal, ARRUMEM UM ABSORVENTE PRO MENINO!

Apenas esperando a primeira fanart yaoi do personagem novo.


Just waiting the first yaoi fanart of new character


Hooray! Happy Father’s Day! (at least, on Brazil)

Dedicated to everyone who had the pleasure of doing a “thing” just like these two. XD


"When they care for me… I feel important. And also, complete."

That’s a gift for a very important someone of mine. She became sick, and unfortunately I took so long to finish this that she’s not even sick anymore (NAILED IT), but I think she still could use of some healing in a way.

Uploading as well the alternate color version for those who also like Lupus’ blonde hair.

Those two are one of my OTPs as everyone can tell, but this drawing can also be taken as one friend taking care of another. So you guys decide which one you want it to be, I’m fine.


GC: Veigas x Deux by kaahgome